Thursday 30 August 2012

Music Production Ideas

Music Production Ideas (MPI) was started by Patrick Lee-Thorp and Jun Lin Yeoh in 2009 to investigate the possibilities of acting as agents for musical artists, and to consult to prospective concert organisers and entertainment bookers in Asia. Jun Lin was responsible for artistic direction and Patrick for business affairs.

R to L, Patrick Lee-Thorp, Jun Lin Yeoh with local journalists at the Penang World Music Festival.

The first project was to prepare a proposal for a World Music Festival for a client in Singapore planned for the city state in 2010.

The firm attended the Live Singapore Expo and Dutch Jazz music conference in 2010. When Jun Lin took up her position as artistic director of the Rainforest World Music Festival and the re-branded jazz event in Miri, The Borneo Jazz Festival for her to remain in MPI was considered by the firm to be a conflict of interests so she resigned.

Patrick continued the project seeking to book artists and arrange tours within or outside the SE Asian territories and Arabic world. The business was combined into Lee Thorp Entertainment (LTE) in the beginning of 2012 and is run from Hamburg, Germany.

On the studio production side MPI remained active enabling the production of recording projects. These included the Dizu Plaatjies album - African Kings and the Fourth edition of the Cape Jazz album series, both for the Mountain Records label. Current studio productions include the new Dizu Plaatjies collaboration recordings which will become an album for release in 2015.

The firm will still act in the name of MPI for specific live events in the future. Recent engagements MPI was involved in or shortly will be include - Dizu Plaatjies concerts in  - Oman, Morocco, Moscow and Taiwan.



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